Meet Moa Svendsen new intern SACC Houston

Moa Svendsen, originally from Trelleborg in Sweden, is based in Chicago, where she is studying for a degree in Sport Management. Moa’s internship is assigned to Houston, but she will be available to help all three Texas chambers when necessary.


Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I grew up in Trelleborg, a small town in southern Sweden, and I always dreamed of traveling to other countries to learn more about how different cultures work. In 2019, I got the opportunity to move across the world to America; I ended up in Kansas City. Statistically speaking, not a place people usually go to study internationally, but I fell in love with it and America as a whole. I found my way to Chicago and got to learn even more about what professional and personal culture is like in the U. S. I have always been interested in business operations and marketing. As an athlete, I chose to get a degree in Sport Management.

What are you going to do as an intern for SACC Houston?
As a marketing intern for SACC, I will be helping with the marketing part of the Houston chamber. I will be assisting with updating the website and helping out with upcoming events, newsletter production, and social media. My focus will be on SACC Houston, but I will assist in all three chambers: Austin, Dallas, and Houston. I’m also very excited about working with Carl and young professionals (Y P) to build and improve a strong and fun community for all young er professionals, such as recent college graduates. This section of SACC Texas will focus on networking, social involvement, and the development of young professionals. We hope to offer networking in various settings where YP can create and strengthen skills and professional relationships.
What are your professional plans after you graduate?
After I graduate with my sport management degree (in 6 weeks!!!), my goal is to secure a position in the sports industry where I can apply my knowledge and passion for sports to contribute to the success of a sports organization. I aim to start my career in an entry-level position in either sports marketing, operations, or event management. I am particularly interested in working for a professional sports team or a big sports event organization one day. As an athlete, this path has been my ambition and is something I am looking forward to. I know America has plenty to offer, so I am excited to get out on the job market.

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