Meet Alan McKinney, the new Marketing Intern for SACC Houston


Alan McKinney, a Marketing student at the University of Houston, is a new Marketing and Event intern for SACC Houston, effective immediately.


Please tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a Marketing student at the University of Houston Downtown. I am active in the university. I wrestle in the club team, work at the university as an events coordinator, and am a financial officer of the American Marketing Association. I live by the motto work hard, play hard.


What are you going to do for SACC Texas?
I plan to help SACC Texas by building the Houston brand by assisting with events and helping social media grow so that we can have members who know what SACC is about and its benefits to its members and the Swedish community!


What was your image of Sweden, and how do you experience working with them so far?
My image of Sweden is that it’s a beautiful country with a solid wrestling team. My experience has been lovely so far! Everyone has been so inviting to me. I am excited to collaborate with everyone and learn about Swedish culture more!

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