PRESS RELEASE: Sustainable Transition – a new industry event in Houston focusing on green innovations from Sweden and Texas


Sustainable Transition – a new industry event in Houston focusing on green innovations from Sweden and Texas

HOUSTON (February 7, 2023)The new SACC Texas industry event, Sustainable Transition, brings together Sweden and Texas – spearheads in energy, green tech, and sustainability. This all-day event, aiming at the green tech and energy industry, will be held at The Ion in downtown Houston on March 9 and will host Sweden’s US Ambassador Karin Olofsdotter as the keynote speaker.

The event will attract attendees from Sweden and Texas and discuss sustainable solutions such as Smart Grids, Supply Chain Logistics, etc. There will also be discussions about how Sweden and Texas can cooperate in sustainable energy solutions and what the respective countries can bring and exchange in the energy field.

”Sustainable Transition in Houston will be an annual event where we gather new, innovative, and sustainable solutions in the energy field from both the USA and Sweden,” says André Persson, President and Chairman of the Board for the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Houston. “We are delighted to have seen such strong interest from companies, places, and academia alike.”

According to André Persson, there is a strong potential in the trade exchange between Texas and Sweden, sharing industry structure and having many other similarities.

“Sweden and Texas are both carriers of a strong entrepreneurial tradition and innovation. They also come with a high degree of venture capital, a strong will to change, and a can-do mentality. The image of Sweden here in Texas is perhaps somewhat vague but fundamentally positive. We want to reinforce that image”, he says.

“Houston is anonymous in Sweden, and few know that it is the USA’s fourth largest city, the world’s energy capital, and the USA’s largest port with a dynamic economy as large as Sweden’s. Looking at the green energy side, recent studies also show that during the second quarter of 2022, Texas had three times more wind, solar, and battery storage under construction than California. It is time to change the image of Texas in Sweden”, he says.

Sustainable Transition will be organized annually by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Texas in collaboration with The Consulate General of Sweden in Houston, The Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C., Business Sweden, Greater Houston Partnership, and The Ion Houston, where the event will also be to be held on Thursday, March 9.

The Sustainable Transition in Houston 2023 conference program will explore critical themes related to the following (partial list):

  • Geopolitics and Geoeconomics: How can we reassure a sustainable transition in a volatile world?
  • Sweden and Texas: A sustainable match?
  • The Grid: Centralized versus decentralized grid modernization – which investments will have the most impact?
  • Energy transition partnerships: How is it done in Houston and Sweden?
  • PR & Communication: What is sustainable communication, and how does that differ from Greenwashing?
  • Supply Chains and Logistics: How are we navigating toward a sustainable future?

Sustainable Transition in Houston 2023 welcomes the following participants (partial list):

Would you like to know more about the speakers and the program? Please visit the SACC Texas event pages for the most up-to-date speaker list and program information (subject to change).

Registration Information
Sustainable Transition in Houston 2023 will be held on Thursday, March 9, at The Ion in Houston. Further information and delegate registration is available at SACC Texas event pages.

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