Gustav Jörtsö is the new board treasurer at SACC Houston

SACC Houston’s new treasurer is an outdoors geek and likes the open atmosphere in Houston and seeks to strengthen SACC Houston’s economic performance.


Who are you, and how come you ended up in Houston?
I am originally from Uppsala but have been living in Stockholm for five years, where I have been working as a strategic CFO, with most of my experience in the Luxury Goods and E-commerce space. Amongst others from the department store NK and, most recently, Nordiska Galleriet Group AB. I started my career as an entrepreneur with a formal wear store and e-commerce before studying at the Stockholm School of Economics. Outside of work, I’m a big outdoors geek and love to travel. I ended up in Houston because my fiancé Ronnie is a Houstonian. He’s in real estate as a top producing agent at Douglas Elliman, which is less transferable than being in finance like me, so when the question arose about who’s moving where the decision was easy.

You are a new board member and Treasurer for SACC Houston; what do you hope to accomplish in that role?
My expectation is to strengthen SACC Houston through Performance Management, which makes it easier to ensure alignment between our mission and goals and our actual output. Though I am new in Houston, I see the amazing potential that exists here for Swedish companies who want to establish themselves in the US.

What is the most significant difference between living in Houston and Stockholm? And what do you like most about your hometown?
Houstonians are very open and approachable, something I love, whilst Swedes, especially in Stockholm, can be more reserved. That might be the most significant difference. I live in Montrose, which is surprisingly walkable and bikeable, which might have been the expected difference otherwise. The thing I like the most about Stockholm is all the water. That it’s built on beautiful Islands and very easy to explore by foot or by public transport. 


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