Texas, one of designated sites for Startup Sweden’s #AccessUSA program

Texas is one of seven possible sites for ten Swedish tech startups that are coming to the USA in the fall, as part of Startup Sweden’s #AccessUSA program. Andreas Ek, Project Manager at Start Up Sweden, says that Texas was on the shortlist from the beginning because of the new possibilities provided by the local tech market and the ambitious response from SACC TX representatives.
In short, what is the #AccessUSA program?
Our #AccessUSA program will provide ten fast growing tech companies with Best-in-Class assistance, aiming to secure their first anchor customer in the USA. No more, no less! To be eligible to apply they should be a Swedish AB (aktiebolag) with a launched product and a market plan in place for the USA. They should also either have raised their A round or have an annual revenue of at least 6Msek (or equivalent). Founders participating in the program should both have a desire to learn but also to share their entrepreneurial experience with each other.
The program is free of charge and we do not take any equity or similar. Organizations working hard for the benefit of the companies to succeed in this project are SACC New York, SACC USA, SACC Minnesota, SACC Texas, SACC New England, SACC Florida and SACC San Francisco.
But also The Swedish Embassy in USA and Startup Sweden, part of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. 

Texas is one of seven sites in which these companies may establish themselves. What were your thoughts when you decided which states could be eligible for establishment?
We are well aware SACC has a great potential to add value to the ecosystem for Swedish tech companies with ambition to get establish themselves in the USA. Through our work at Startup Sweden, we have noted several fantastic success stories thanks to SACC NY and SACC USA / SF ever since 2015. Getting further SACC organizations involved was an easy decision during pandemic times. Texas was on the shortlist from start because of new possibilities due to the local tech market and the ambitious response from SACC TX representatives – hungry to help out and put down substantial effort and network utility.
Given the ongoing pandemic and the rollout of vaccines, what is the schedule for the #AccessUSA program for the rest of 2021?
It seems that you are currently well in front of US in the vaccine process. Bootcamp and preparation will happen online regardless, but we do hope for IRL meetings in Texas during September-October 2021. Fingers crossed! Covid-19 must be seen as a game changer for possibilities to get Swedish tech into American companies products and services.
Read more about how the #AccessUSA program can help you on the way to secure your first deal and apply here by April 25.

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