Marcelo Campos at Swedish Roxtec appreciates the network SACC Texas provides

Marcelo Campos at Swedish Roxtec appreciates the network SACC Texas provides

Brazilian born Marcelo Campos is a Texas veteran and appreciates the strong relationships created throughout the years with several members of the Swedish Community.

Could you tell us a bit about your background and what you work with?
I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I spent most of my 20+ years of career in that country. Started as an entrepreneur in my family mattress business back in 1998, then joined a company that was a large Brazilian manufacturer of Capital Drilling Equipment for Oil & Gas Offshore in 2004. I was hired by Swedish based company Roxtec in 2009 as Managing Director for the Brazilian subsidiary. After 10 years working on setting up the company and expanding the business, I was requested to join Roxtec US as Regional Business Development Manager. I hold both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Business, and I am an MS/MBA candidate at University of Texas at Dallas, as well as MBA candidate at Quantic Business School. I also hold several other positions in different Industry Associations, such as VP of Brazilian Shipyards Association, Co-Founder at Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Rio, Board Member at technology startups and Advisory Board Member at Energy Industries Council (EIC).

Why did you decide to join SACC Texas?
I have extensive exposure to the Swedish Business Community across the Americas Region, with
strong relationships created throughout the years with several members of the Swedish Community. I understand the value that the Swedish Chambers of Commerce provides to their associates and it was a natural path for me to follow after landing in the US. The ability to connect with different members at their highest level is also a strong value added for any company, which allows members to connect and do business with each other.

Is there anything you as a member would like to see happen in SACC Texas?
SACC-Texas has a strong presence and the number of Swedish companies established in the state is quite impressive. I guess Covid created some obstacles for the community, but once that is no longer an issue, I would like to see more networking events, as well as some additional services offered to the members, such as: Business Advisory, Peer-to-peer meetings, Legal Workshops about regulations and Bills under discussion and all other business-related topics that could leverage the knowledge on how to do business in TX.

How would you describe the Texan way of doing business?
Simple. Straightforward. Very business oriented…the way I expected. I know the business
environment in Texas due to my previous exposure to Oil & Gas, and to be honest, I guess we all
enjoy dealing with such diverse and competitive landscape.

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