Welcome Johanna Evertson, new board member for SACC Dallas!

Coming out of Lidköping, Sweden, Johanna Evertson is a new board member for SACC Dallas. In her work for SACC Dallas, Johanna will focus on members and membership, making SACC Dallas a valuable partner for all members.


Who are you, and how come you ended up here in Dallas?

Johanna, Jo, mamma, boss lady, Evert yeah you get it I’m a girl with many names and as they say in Sweden ” Kärt barn har många namn” (Loved kid has many names). I was born and raised in Lidkoping next to the biggest lake in Sweden, and at age 25, I took my backpack and backpacked around the US and fell in love. Long story short, I returned to the USA after my trip and never looked back. Fourteen years and counting, and I can’t even begin to tell you how lucky I am to be here, working with what I love.


What would you like to accomplish as a member of the SACC Dallas board?

What is SACC? How can SACC help my business? Why should I be a member of SACC? These are the questions that I want everyone to know the answers to. My goal is to grow this organization where every business that wants to come to Dallas and Texas knows where to turn with there questions and for every student in the University who wants to grow there network in Dallas, or Texas knows that at our events you have the chance to meet great mentors in their line of work.


How has your business (so far) cooped with the pandemic crisis, and what are your learnings?

”Stay positive, work hard, and make it happen.” This is a quote I live by, and these days, it’s a quote that I just keep closer to me than ever. There are always challenges in business, and for the fitness industry, this time has been a BIG one. But all problems have positive effects, and now we needed to learn and grow faster than ever. As long as you keep your head down and grind even harder than before, you will see changes that you never thought were possible in the world we lived in just six months ago. There is no evolution without disruption.


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