Greetings from Patrik Melander, Chairman SACC Texas

Dear SACC friends,
I hope that this newsletter finds you all safe and in good health. I also hope that you have had a fantastic summer and stay- or vacation, despite the pandemic. As for me, I have had a wonderful summer in Sweden, with few friends and my family just outside Stockholm. Now back in Dallas, recharged and ready to take on the exciting fall that is lying ahead of us.
Despite the pandemic, I am proud to say that we had a great CEO Spotlight Webinar series – Rashid Skaf, Biamp + Kristien Verbeke, IKEA + Hans Amell, Comsovereign + Christoffer Svanberg, Node Pole – and have an eventful fall ahead of us, packed with events and insightful lectures. It will be a fantastic mix of webinars, webcasts and hybrid events – a mix between digital and distanced physical events, all to keep us safe. But where we still will be able to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas, and socialize, of course.
Now in October, for example, we will organize – what probably is – the world’s first hybrid lobster party in Swedish cray fish style. Here you can choose to participate digitally by ordering and picking up the “lobster package”, or physically participate on a site in small groups. No matter how you choose to participate, it will be an evening to remember. Stay tuned for upcoming details. For us in SACC Texas, it is key that we can socialize and meet; therefore we will start to arrange more mixed events during the fall, not the least for our appreciated Happy Hour Events. Please follow us on for upcoming events. Speaking of events, I also would like to remind you about that you also can take part of the events that we have held during the summer. As a member of SACC Texas, you can log in on the page Event Recordings and see many of them in replay. I urge you to read more about our new Dallas board member Charlotte Danielsson, among many other things, the CEO of Silicon Vikings, allowing us to create a bridge to Silicon Valley in addition to Sweden. Charlotte has a fantastic background and is an asset to the board and all our members. Finally, I also would like to take the opportunity to thank you members for your kind support of us in these dire times of 2020, we appreciate and need all the support we can get, to be able to continue our work to promote Sweden in Texas. Do not forget that the 2020 membership will also last throughout 2021 – this specially applies to you who sign up for a membership now for the remainder of 2020.
With that said, I finally want to welcome everyone to a fantastic fall 2020 with us at SACC Texas!
Warm regards from Dallas,
Patrik Melander, Chairman SACC Dallas – Fort Worth

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