Greetings from Patrik Melander, Chairman SACC Dallas – Fort Worth

Dear SACC -Dallas and Texas friends,

Now, in the midst of July, it is time to summarize the activities of the first six months for us at SACC
Texas. I can only say that it has been a very active and eventful start for 2019, full of interesting and
fun lectures and meetings with new people. It has been a true pleasure. Add to that, I also have the
pleasure of presenting new talented Board Members for the Dallas Chapter.

Looking back on what we have achieved in the first half of 2019, it strikes me once again how
important it is for a non-profit organization like ours, that we receive help from our members.
Without you, none of these events would have taken place. A big thank you to you all, for all the
support so far in 2019 – it has been invaluable! We have completed more than 20 events since
January and launched the SACC entrepreneurs program. I would say that is quite impressive. As
always, we have tried to mix interesting lectures on professional and vital life themes, with social
events such as wine tastings and happy hours. To summarize, it has been a busy, excellent, and
interesting first half of 2019, and we look forward to continuing to build on this, as we move into the
second half.

Looking ahead, we are in the midst of planning the events of the upcoming fall. I can already now
promise you an exciting and compelling program that will take us all the way to our annual Christmas
Party in December. I will get back to you with the complete program, right after the summer. The
program will entail three parts:

  •  Social and networking events – grow your network and establish plan A, B, C.
  •  Speaker Series – get inspired by very interesting speakers
  • Entrepreneurs and mentor programs

Last but not least, I also would like to welcome the new Board Members to the Board of SACC Dallas:

  • Chris B. Cederstrom, Senior Manager, Global Systems Integrators
  • Daniel Gerow, Founder and CEO, TAP, Inc.
  • André Persson, Communications Consultant
  • Christina Thoerngren, SACC Texas DFW, Vice Chair & Secretary

I am very happy that each one of you has accepted to serve on the board. With you on the team, I am
convinced that we are in for an exciting fall. You all have, individually, qualities that I know will make a
difference as we continue our efforts to create value for our members where we establish the best
networking and safety net, and generally promote the relations between Sweden and Texas and
continue the work to attract new members to SACC Texas.​

On behalf of the SACC DFW board, thank you for your ongoing support of the Swedish American
Chambers of Commerce.
We look forward to seeing you after the summer and wish you all a great one!

Warm regards from a beautiful Stockholm,

Patrik Melander, Chairman SACC Dallas – Fort Worth

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