SACC Texas Board Member André Persson writes in Svenska Dagbladet

SACC Texas board member, André Persson, writes in the Swedish morning newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, about the strip club Bucks Wild’s desire to be considered a restaurant in order to open up its operations a little earlier. An English translation is provided below.

Fully dressed strippers as US open up after the pandemic

Many of the US states are now slowly opening up after covid-19. Texas is one of them. Now, smaller restaurants and cafes can accommodate guests up to a quarter of previous capacity. “This should also apply to us”, claimed the owners of the Bucks Wild strip club in Dallas Fort Worth.

This week, the club sued the city with the motivation that Bucks Wild should be regarded as a restaurant since the strip club also serve food. Angus burgers, steaks and pulled pork are some of the dishes on the varied menu. But here are also vegetarian options for those who are looking for something lighter. But the city stood up for the decision and stated that Bucks Wild operated in the “sexually oriented business” segment. And as such, the club is considered to do business in an industry that promotes body contact. Therefore Bucks Wild was to be placed in a later opening phase, along with hairdressing salons, chiropractors and massage salons.

During the Corona crisis, US entrepreneurs and business owners have shown an impressive creativity, and strip clubs are no exception. It has been reported about virtual lap dances in Florida, drive thru-striptease in Oklahoma, and from Oregon, it was reported about a strip club that started with home deliveries of food, all carried out by a topless driver. The service was called “Boober Eats”.

The other day Buck Wild’s lawyer announced that an agreement had been reached with the city. The club should open again, but now with fully dressed adult entertainment. Furthermore, the dancers on stage should also wear mask and gloves and not perform table dancing. Guests would be scanned for fever at the entrance and keep six feet distance indoors. Bucks Wild now also wanted to be considered a so-called “Breastaurant”, which could most easily be described as a hybrid segment between a restaurant and a topless bar (a niche dominated by market-leading Breastaurant giants like Hooters and Twin Peaks).

But as the club reopened this weekend it was immediately shut down. What will happen now? To be continued, as they say. Meanwhile, Buck Wild’s guests will have to settle studying the menu displayed on the web site.


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