Meet Marcus Hagegård, new board member for SACC Houston!

SACC-Houston is happy to announce that we on our last board meeting welcomed a new board member: Marcus Hagegård.  

Tell us a bit about yourself Marcus!
I am 46 years old. Born and raised in Sweden. I have spent most of my adult life in the United States. In addition to Houston I have lived in New York and Virginia. I have three very special ladies in my life…Sofia (4 weeks)…Emma (4 yrs) and Jennie (44 yrs)! We have been in Houston for 7 years now and have boots, belt buckles and a pick-up truck…but not sure we’ll ever fully master the drawl…

One thing I do not enjoy so much is the Houston summer heat! As a long-distance runner I am in a constant battle with the weather…and I think the weather is winning…

In addition to running and exercise in general, I also like to sing whenever there is a good opportunity for that (and I’ve been known to sing when the opportunity is not so good as well)…Swedish drinking songs is always high on the agenda, of course!

Professionally I have worked as Chief Financial Officer for Loomis for 10 years and before that I did Transaction Advisory work with Ernst & Young. Currently I am investing in real estate, primarily in the Houston market.

For how long have you been a part of SACC Houston?
Since we moved to Houston in 2012.

What interests you most about our organization?
Getting access to a great network of interesting people and organizations.

What is your favorite memory from your time at SACC so far?
A lot of good moments, but among them are the monthly pea soup dinners in Houston. Always a great opportunity to meet people and learn new things. Attending the Executive Forum in Washington DC is also a highlight.

What do you hope to bring to the chamber as a new board member?
Fresh perspectives and ideas…and maybe a song or two…


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