Sweden Creates Jobs in America

The Embassy of Sweden and SACC-USA have once again mapped Swedish-affiliated companies and their economic impact in the United States. This is an updated third edition of this popular publication, and it shows that economic interactions with Swedish businesses and industry create more than 360,000 jobs in the United States. When you take subcontractors, infrastructure and related services into account, the total reaches nearly one million jobs.

Swedish companies create jobs in all 50 U.S. states, and all 50 states export goods and services to Sweden. The economic ties between our two countries have never been more robust. Today, Sweden is one of the largest investors per capita in the United States and the 15th largest overall.

This report highlights the magnitude and depth of the economic ties between Sweden and United States and shows how this vibrant relationship creates jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. It profiles economic interactions and breaks down on a state-by-state level the number of jobs directly supported by Swedish companies or U.S. exports to Sweden, lists the three leading commodity exports to Sweden per state, and identifies Swedish companies currently operating in that area.

Read the report here.

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