Meet SACC-Houston’s new intern – Viktoria Blecko!

Viktoria Blecko, SACC-Houston's new intern
Viktoria Blecko, SACC-Houston’s new intern.

SACC-Houston recently welcomed Viktoria Blecko as their new intern. Viktoria moved to Houston about a year ago from Sigturna outside Stockholm to study and live with her family in Texas. SACC-Texas, Malin Backlund, interviewed Viktoria about her new position as an intern for SACC.

Welcome to SACC Viktoria, would you like to tell us some about yourself? 

Thank You! Well, I am a 20-year-old college student who currently is enjoying the life as a ‘Houstonian’. My parents have spent a big part of their lives working in different places in Europe; I myself was born in the United Kingdom but raised in Sweden together with my three older brothers. As I was about to start my senior year in high school, my family moved to Houston. I decided to stay behind to finish high school at a boarding school called Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket, located in a small town outside of Stockholm. After graduation I moved to Houston, which was in August last year. I enrolled in college and am continuing to work on my degree after one year of studies.

What will you work with as a trainee?

As a trainee I will do my best to assist my new colleagues within SACC-Houston with everything that is in need of an extra hand. I will be creating and sending many of the invitations that our members receive, updating our website, managing social media channels, among other things. I will also attend and help out at the different events that we are hosting, and hopefully I will meet many of our members there.

What are your expectations on your internship?

Mainly, my hopes are that I can contribute in some way to the work that SACC is doing in Houston, and all of Texas. Hopefully I will get an insight in the business community of Houston and useful experiences along the way.

How long will you be an intern?

At the moment I will have to admit that my plans for the future are somewhat undecided. Before I have decided if I will continue my studies in the US, or return to Sweden to attend a Swedish university, I do not know for how long I will stay in Houston. Hopefully, I will continue my work for at least a year or more.

You are studying on 50 % while working for us. What is the subject of your studies?

My major is business and currently I am trying to complete all courses included in the core requirements. I take two courses this fall, one of them being macroeconomics and the other one statistics.

 What are the positive aspects with studying and working at the same time?

That it is fun! I enjoy that my days are different depending on what is on the agenda, and of course it is very valuable to gain the working experience.

 Have you found a favorite place in Houston yet?

Honestly, I had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the city when I first moved here. Coming from a small town in Sweden the city life was different from what I was used to, and I kept looking for some sidewalks or a walking strip, instead of seeing everything that Houston really had to offer. Pretty soon though I started to enjoy Houston and found my favorite place, namely Toyota Center. I was never interested in basketball before I moved here; honestly I barely knew what it was about, but now I really appreciate it. I try to catch a few games now and then at Toyota Center and I really enjoy both the game and the show. Go Rockets!

Finally, when you are not working or studying – what do you like to do?

I preferably spend my spare time at the gym. I have found a new hobby in running and I am currently preparing for the Houston half-marathon. Other than that, I try to make the most out of my time in the US and experience as much as possible of what the country has to offer.


Malin Backlund, SACC-Texas

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