Meet SACC-Austin’s New Trainee Mollie Silverhjelm

We would like to welcome our latest hire to the Chamber, Mollie Silverhjelm. She has since the beginning of the year been working with strategic communications, marketing and events in Austin.

Mollie has a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Science from Stockholm University as well as additional targeted marketing courses and a diploma in Communication Planning from Miami Ad School. Her previous professional position was with the advertising agency J.Walter Thompson in London where she worked as a Global Account Executive for Shell, which included their partner Ferrari.


What is your connection to the U.S.?
I have always been fascinated by the U.S. and love exploring this country. Almost every holiday I have tried to visit friends here. I have mostly spent time in the bigger cities, however two years ago I traveled by car with a friend through some of the southern states such as Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. They are all so unique and with their own charming character. The food, people and landscape made it such a wonderful experience. Since I was a child I have always had a need of exploring cultures and meeting new people.

How come you applied for the position at the Chamber in Texas?
The amazing opportunity that SACC offer, to work as a trainee within the organization is very valuable to me and will be a great experience for my knowledge and future steer of career. I could not be more grateful to be working with the Chamber.
I am very passionate about the work that SACC does for the trade between Sweden and the U.S. I think it is very important we maintain this relationship in order to strengthen the bond between the countries to frame a fruitful future and business development. Also, the thinking behind the marketing strategy of how we communicate our mission to facilitate and support trade, commerce, and investment is what interests me.
I am devoted to promote Sweden internationally and it is in my mindset to look for new ways to market ourselves and to connect people.  The Chamber’s network also allows us to celebrate all Swedish traditions and holidays which is very appreciated among the Swedes here. There is so much Swedish history in Texas which alsways captures my interest, it is truly remarkable I must say.

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