Mentorship Program

Through the Mentorship Program, SACC-Texas links ambitious professionals with knowledgeable professionals and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to promote a mutual exchange of ideas and experience between mentors and mentees.

The mentor should meet with the mentee as often as is deemed suitable by the participants, but we recommend no less than two in person meetings/phone meetings for the duration of the mentorship.

Mentees get a chance to learn from professionals who have extensive experience in their particular field of expertise. A mentor can offer assistance in the construction of a professional Resume and can teach the mentee how to cope with challenges in the work place, how to make the most out of their careers, as well as realizing business ideas and goals. The relationship benefits both parties in areas such as personal growth, career development, goal achievement and other fields of interest agreed upon by the mentor and mentee. This is a great opportunity to receive career mentorship wherever you are in your career.

The relationship will primarily focus on interpersonal support, career guidance, exchange of industry, knowledge and experience, sharing of wisdom, coaching and role modeling.

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