An interview with resigning Intern Motolani Gbogi

What are you going to do now, could you tell us a little bit about your new assignment?

I am going to complete my master’s degree in finance at the University of Houston in December 2022, and thereafter pursue a career in Corporate Finance. I am currently on internship at HungerRush and I am working with the Mergers & Acquisition Team

You live in Houston but are originally from Nigeria. How did you experience working with Swedes?
My internship program at SACC TX was very interesting and educational. I added new skill sets  

I am originally from Nigeria, and this was my first interaction with the Swedes, and I can say based on the people that I interacted with, that the Swedes are warm and welcoming, ready to assist and committed to work

What is your advice to upcoming interns?

The internship program is a worthwhile experience. Seek to maximize it by being committed and reach out when you need any assistance.

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