An interview with resigning Intern Sophie Emerson

Communication and Webmaster Intern, Sophie Emerson, is moving on to take a position with IES Abroad (The Institute of International Education for Students) in Chicago. Read more about Sophie’s insights and learnings being with SACC Texas.

What were your tasks working with SACC Texas?
As the Communication and Webmaster Intern, I acted as the editor for the SACC Texas Newsletter as well assisted in creating a variety of promotional material for events. I also helped with maintaining the website and the Chamber’s various social media accounts when needed.

What are you going to do now, could you tell us a little bit about your new job?
I will be working for a non-profit study abroad organization called, IES Abroad (The Institute of International Education for Students) in Chicago. I will be a part of the Academics department as an Assistant Academic Program Specialist, assisting IES Abroad Study Centers with updating program information, gathering necessary student documents prior to departure, etc. 

What have you learned being an intern at SACC Texas?
Interning at SACC Texas has given me tangible digital platform experience that I know will be useful in my career going forward. It gave me the chance to practice the importance of promoting events efficiently and consistently. Even though I was unable to attend events in person, it was rewarding to see and hear about the event successes due to my promotional efforts! I also appreciated the experience this role gave me in working alongside others from the Swedish culture. I’ve only ever socially encountered the Swedish culture, so being able to experience it in a professional setting was helpful in navigating a cross-cultural workplace (which I will be doing in my new role). I’m grateful to have gotten the opportunity to support such a great organization!

Do you have any kind of advice to give to upcoming interns?
Be willing to be flexible and open to learning new digital platforms. I found that it is a very collaborative environment, so don’t hesitate to also ask for help from other interns and/or Board Members. Everyone is easy to work with and are there to support you. Lastly, be curious about the Swedish culture, as our world is increasingly becoming globally interconnected and don’t be afraid to utilize the connections you make within the organization!

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