An interview with resigning Intern Kysa Sager

Kysa Sager has held the position as Intern Marketing Lead during 2021 and 2022. As she is now taking on a position as Consumer Public Relations Intern Weber Shandwick in Chicago, Illinois, she tells us about her next assignment on Weber Shandwick as well as sharing her insights as an Intern at SACC Texas.


What were your tasks working with SACC Texas?

I served as the Lead Marketing and Webmaster intern. I worked primarily with event campaigns, drafting them on the website and promoting them through the SACC-TX social media channels and email campaigns. I also updated the website and would assist on any marketing fronts or administrative tasks as needed.


What are you going to do now, could you tell us a little bit about your new job?

I am now working on the Consumer team at Weber Shandwick, a Public Relations firm out of Chicago. I am working on the ALDI account, assisting with the Influencer and Awards streams doing social and news media monitoring and account management.


What have you learned being an intern at SACC Texas?

My time with SACC Texas has allowed me to learn how to market event campaigns and the importance of consistency of communication. I learned how to navigate (somewhat!) the nuances of Swedish culture and how to balance Swedish ways of business and communication with my own. Overall, I am leaving a better professional and worker after my time here.


Do you have any kind of advice to give to upcoming interns?

Be eager to dive in and be helpful! All of the SACC Texas Executive Board and Board members are so great to work with and are willing to let you take responsibility for your tasks. Hold high accountability for the work you produce and utilize the connections you make to broaden your professional and international network! If not for André, I would not have gotten the opportunity to work where I am now! I am forever grateful for this opportunity and am confident it is not the end of my time with SACC Texas!

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