Jesper Palmborg and Johan Schneider from SACC-USA Talent Mobility Program appreciated the hospitality in Texas

After traveling through ten states starting in Washington DC going north, Jesper and Johan made it to Texas after visiting Denver Colorado. On site in Texas, the two interns paid visits to Austin, Dallas and Houston.


We took the opportunity to ask a few questions on how they experienced Texas:

How would you summarize your first impressions of Texas?

Our first impression of Texas has been great! We would say that it has been very friendly and open towards travelers like ourselves. We have had the fortune to spend thanksgiving here and what better way to do that than in Texas where the turkey mostly has been smoked rather than roasted. Texans always seem to find a way to make food utterly interesting for both locals and foreigners. In conclusion, we are very happy to say that thus far, Texas has been very friendly and open in general combined with great food.

From a meeting standpoint – how has Texas been so far?

Having the chance to travel in Texas, we believe the biggest challenge for an intern to face would be Mobility. Being able to travel efficiently both inside and outside the cities of Texas without a car can sometimes be difficult, as we’ve experienced. For that reason, we believe it may be an obstacle for many companies wanting an intern. The best solution to such a problem would be a similar solution to what SACC Florida has previously done. The Chamber has offered interns the possibility to rent an apartment and a car for which the chamber is responsible for. Thus, the Chamber only needs to be responsible “on paper,’ rather than making expensive purchases.

What can SACC Texas do to support the Talent Mobility program ahead?

SACC-Texas can help the Talent Mobility Program by keeping raising awareness by communicating within the network about the program and about Nordic talent. The most helpful thing SACC Texas can do is to contact SACC-USA and get an intern in Texas when needed. In such a case, Texas gets to experience what it is like to have an ambitious young, nordic professional in the state of the lone star. Hence, it is more natural to forward the experience of hosting a Nordic intern to other possible interested organizations.


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