What is it like being an intern at SACC TX?

What is it like being an intern at SACC Texas?
Alejandro Escobedo is an intern at SACC Texas, placed in Houston. We asked him a couple of questions on what it is like being an intern, sand how it is to work with Swedes.

What is your background? What are you doing currently?
I’m a student at Rice University, studying Econometrics and Statistics. I’m originally from Mission, Texas, but I have family here in Houston, so I don’t feel so far from home. I’m currently preparing for an internship with the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Energy Transformation and am making all the preparations for a move to D.C. this summer.

What are you doing as an intern at SACC Texas?
I’m essentially an assistant at-large; I help send out email reminders, prepare minutes for Executive Committee meetings, create event invitations, and manage social media activity.

How much time do you spend a week working with SACC Texas?
It really depends on the week: some weeks, I’ll spend upwards of four hours managing membership renewals, digital newsletters, event invitations, website content, and more; other weeks, I’ll have little more than 30 minutes worth of work to do. Usually, my university schedule limits the amount of time I’m able to devote.

Why did you decide to apply as an intern with SACC Texas?
At the time, I was preparing for an internship with the United States’ International Trade Administration, so I was looking for an opportunity to see how non-governmental organizations like chambers of commerce promote trade and facilitate business matchmaking.

What do you think one should expect as an intern and what possibilities does it bring?
As with all internships, it is what you make of it. There is always a constant flow of new, innovative projects for you to work on and the Board is always open to supporting projects you may be interested in pursuing. You have incredible access to a global network of chambers, member companies, and former interns, so there really is a lot at your disposal.

How is it to work with Swedes?
It’s the best; they’re incredibly kind, patient, and understanding. Southern hospitality and courtesy seem to come naturally to them. It’s no wonder that so many have settled in Texas!

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