SACC USA Business Survey no 1, 2021

The SACC USA Business Survey number 1, 2021 was conducted between January 11-20, 2021. The survey aimed to find out how SACC USA members perceived that Joe Biden’s proposals for solutions in the environmental field could be of benefit for Swedish companies. But the survey also wanted to see what SACC US members had to say about the economic development in the US in connection with COVID-19, and the US dollar’s development against the Swedish krona during 2021. 219 SACC members across the US participated in the web survey which contained nine questions . SACC members bring together a dynamic and diverse mix of entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors and professional experts, as well as representatives of various organizations and academia. SACC USA is represented in 19 locations in 37 states.

Click on links below for press release, all survey results and Joe Biden’s plan for the climate

Biden’s new climate plan a big opportunity for Swedish export companies, says seven out of ten members of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce

SACC USA Business Survey no 1 2021

Actions on Climate Change from Joe Biden

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