Welcome Alisha Kornhammar, SACC-Dallas Board Member

Your last name gives us a Swedish vibe. Could you tell us more about that?
That’s because it is Swedish! It is my new family name. My personal heritage actually isn’t Swedish though (at least not that I’m aware of). My ancestors have been Americans for farther than we can trace. In June this year however, I got a Swedish last name and family when I married my best friend who is Swedish. We met at an after work paintball event during my time living in Stockholm in 2015. My new last name, “Kornhammar” is very unique even in Sweden, and I’m loving the new family American / Swedish mix. We find ways to celebrate both cultural traditions.

What are you working with here in Dallas?
I work in Business Development for Ericsson’s Network Services. I particularly focus on finding new ways to use technology to evolve our services and service operations. I love creating and innovating to make life and business better! It was from working at Ericsson where I took an assignment in Stockholm and lived there in 2015 til 2016.

How would you like to contribute to the board?
I think there is a lot of opportunity in Dallas to grow more business’ and commerce between these two countries and involve young professional talent in doing so. I want to restart our young professional community in SACC and also create programs for them to contribute and have resources to grow their talents and careers.

Specifically during my time and exposure to Swedish businesses I learned to love the passion for using technology to build a sustainable way of life and community. There were several interesting Swedish companies there with great innovative & sustainable offerings. Dallas people have shown an interest in innovating our way of life here via new transportation systems and I think they are interested in bringing more innovative concepts to build a sustainable and higher standard of living. I just want to bring these communities together!

I’d also like to focus on events which integrate the Dallas residents in our programs. Business and commerce builds off of trust and trust is built off of awareness and appreciation and that happens when we come together and share.

What was your favorite past time activity when you lived in Stockholm?
Wow, where do I start? There are so many fun things to do in Stockholm and in Sweden in general. I generally just wanted to explore everything, and with good friends. Explore all of the very yummy food (princess cake, kanelbullar, cured fishes, tasty charcuterie to name a few of my favorites!), activities (indoor paintball, “takvandring” which is walking on very steep rooftops with a harness on… little too late to remember my fear of heights!, celebrating in traditional parties like Midsommar, kayaking around Kungsholmen, going to rooftop bars and restaurants which overlook the beautiful water and islands, the water front theme park Gröna Lund), or just exploring the city and old castles a bit on the outskirts. Through all of this and my wonderful work colleagues, I just really developed an appreciation for the Swedish culture. I was either working or having fun, I hardly ever spent time in my apartment.

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