Greetings from Jonas Dahlstrom, Chairman SACC TX – Houston

Dear SACC Friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you all safe and healthy. It is amazing how fast time is flying given the
current circumstances, and we have already reached the midpoint of 2020. Initially, Texas was doing
relatively well in terms of Covid-19 cases; however, due to the recent surge, restrictions are coming
back and live events are currently not possible for the Chamber. Fortunately, SACC USA, with its
twenty different sub-chapters, has been able to help with access to online webinars.

This unity of the different sub-chapters has been one of the few positives to come from the recent
months, and I highly recommend visiting the SACC USA homepage to explore all of the online SACC
events happening all over the country, most of which are free for members. As a response to the
prevention of live events, we are excited to kick-off a new bi-weekly online program: Houston Live,
Covid-19 and Implications
. This program will give updates every second Wednesday at 11 a.m.
starting on July 8th. The updates will be given by SACC Houston’s new board member Kristina Hulten,
Ph.D. of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX, and the Honorary
Consul General of Sweden, Astrid Marklund. SACC Houston board member Michael Griffin, owner of
SilverOak Financial group and creator of Valhalla Premium Aquavit, will moderate the updates.

Another response to the Covid-19 situation is that SACC Texas decided that current members that
already paid membership for 2020 will automatically be members also for 2021. This will for some
time also be valid for former members that want to come back and pay the membership for 2020. We
hope that this will help some of our previous members to come back and register for 2020 and
support SACC Texas for this year and next.

We are also incredibly happy to announce that despite the challenges faced this spring, SACC Texas
has a new Corporate Member, the Swedish group Roxtec. Their Regional Manager, Marcelo Campos,
who just moved to Houston from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is helping Roxtec establish in Houston. Marcelo ​
had a great experience with the Swedish chamber in Rio de Janeiro and we are excited to share more
about Roxtec soon.

Warm regards from Houston
Jonas Dahlstrom, Chairman SACC Houston

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