Online meetings replaced physical events for SACC Texas

For Patrik Melander, it has been a hectic spring with changed plans and a total turnaround of the
event program. With Covid-19 everything had to be changed. But Patrik is cautiously optimistic and
believes in a comeback for the physical event after the summer. But until then, SACC Texas can offer a
packed program online.

How has the outbreak of the covid-19 changed SACC Texas’ work with events this spring?​
We had a beautiful program planned and of course had to cancel or postpone the events and
program – safety first.

What has been the reaction and response from the audience to the online sessions?
I must say that it has been really positive. People have actually become online meeting professionals
over the last couple of months. We were encouraged by this, and have now created a really
interesting online program for the rest of the year.

Could you tell us a bit about the upcoming events, what will take place now in June?
Certainly. On June 4 we have an event called, “Sustainable buildings – tomorrows skyline” featuring
the CEO’s of world leading Swedish companies in this field – Sensative and IMEK. Not only do they
support the “Smartest” skyline in the world and the zero energy ambition, but they are also actually
leading in design of zero carbon footprint buildings, which is mindboggling, using the latest
technologies. Our Next CEO Spotlight follows the one with Bi-Amp co-chairman & CEO Rashid Skaf,
which was a great success, featuring our own Frisco IKEA Executive and store manager Kristien
Verbeke. She will tell us about her journey and the fascinating world of the IKEA group on June 18. I
think that it will be a very interesting event. Both of them online, of course. We also encourage our
members to take part in online event that is being hosted by our Swedish fellow chambers event
around in the US. So much interesting things are going on. Check out our event page on SACC Texas.
Please join!

When do you foresee that the physical events will be back for SACC Texas?
As of now it is actually impossible to say. We may do an outdoor event once we see the effect of the
lifted restrictions. But when that will be is hard to tell. We also hope to be back with the Lobster Feast
in September, but we will have to wait and see.

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