Welcome back, Birgitta Mossler!

Birgitta Mossler is making comeback as a board member in the Dallas chapter. Here, she explains why she wanted to rejoin the board and how she wants to contribute to SACC Texas.

Welcome back to the SACC Texas board, Birgitta Mossler. What made you come back to work with the board again?

I resigned from the Treasurer position of the SACC-Dallas board X-mas of 2018 since my job required my full attention, and I could not commit the time to serve sufficiently as a board member. I remained engaged during 2019 and enjoyed the SACC events and networking opportunities as a business member. I am excited to re-join the board in 2020 and will do my best to add value to our membership base.

Birgitta Mossler

What are you going to focus on working with SACC Texas this time?

I joined SACC 6 years ago since SACC offers a trusted professional expat and local professional network that can facilitate exciting opportunities. This network has enabled me to develop business engagements not only for my company, and myself but also for people and companies I do business with. Swedish business culture has a lot to offer the American market and vice versa and SACC provides a great platform for collaboration, networking, and personal development.

What would you say is the best argument for joining SACC Texas?

I look forward to connecting with you on the next SACC event!

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