Dear SACC – Texas friends

I hope you all had a fantastic summer and holiday. For the first time in many years, I could spend the
summer combining work with a couple of weeks vacation, in a summery Sweden with morning jogs,
swims, sauna and nice dinners with friends and family. The batteries are now charged for an eventful
fall at SACC Texas with new exciting events, new co-operations and new board members.
Fall 2019 is packed with exciting events and we just kicked it off on September 7, with the annual
Fresh Lobster Feast in Dallas, and the Austin Cray Fish Party on September 12. Houston has also
started September with the SACC Houston – Welcome back after Summer Social event. What a great
way to start this eventful fall.
Coming up next is the event
Euro Tech Talks – 5G
– that will take place at Bottle Rocket Studios in
Dallas on the 26th of September, an event that we are pleased to host in cooperation with the
French American Chamber of Commerce in Dallas (FACC).
Another event not to be missed is the SACC – Dallas Speaker Series, which presents the very current theme:
Surviving and Thriving in the Digital Era– Re-inventing yourself. The event takes place on October 2 in Dallas/Plano. Don’t miss!
Things are also going on in Houston, where the much-appreciated
Traditional Thursday now is back again after the summer, starting on Thursday, 26th
of September. Houston also has a new board member in Marcus Hagegård. Marcus is active in the real estate industry and will be able to contribute new insights to the Board. Welcome, Marcus! Click here to read more. 
I also would like to mention a new and exiting collaboration that we start with Silicon Vikings, the renowned start-up hub that link together venture capital and business ideas from California and the Nordic countries. The idea is that through this we will be able to facilitate for tech companies here in Texas to find useful contacts and resources. It is a collaboration that I look forward to expanding, and I promise to come back to this a little later.
On the Dallas side I also want to tell you that Christina Thörngren (who you could read about in the
July newsletter) now formally has acceded the role of Vice Chair in Dallas. I am very happy about that,
and I am convinced that Christina will help us make a big difference.
Another new member of the Dallas Chapter board is also André Persson, who now has also accepted the role as Chief Communication Officer for SACC Texas. André is a Communications Consultant, with a long
background from the IT and Tech industry, but he is also the author of several books, including the
best selling Godis åt folket (Candy for the People), that tells the fascinating story about Swedes’
relationship to candy. This, he will give a lecture on a little later this fall. I want to give him a warm
​welcome in his new role, and I do look forward to a fruitful co-operation. Click here to read more.
With that said, I finally want to welcome everyone to a fantastic autumn with us at SACC Texas!
Warm regards from Dallas,
Patrik Melander, Chairman SACC Dallas – Fort Worth

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