Applications are now open for the position as Marketing & Event Coordinator in Austin

My name is Andreas Drakenberg and I currently hold the position of trainee at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Austin. In my opinion, without sounding too biased, the position in the capital of Texas is superior by far to other internships available through the whole SACC-USA organization.

When I first read the job description for the position in Austin I could not believe my eyes, and remember thinking: “Hands down, this has got to be the best internship offered by SACC-USA.” And I would know because it took a lot of no’s before getting that one yes that made all the difference – hence, I had applied for numerous positions available through the network before getting thumbs up from Austin. Today, I could not be any happier. And here’s why through a three-course meal:

Well for starters, the setting of the placement is voted to be the best city in America to live in. And that’s no surprise because there really is quality to all aspects of life in Austin. Not only is the climate ducky and allows for many outdoor adventures in beautiful surroundings, but it’s a city filled with young professionals and entrepreneurs that goes hand in hand with cool startups and amazing job opportunities. It’s inspiring really, without being pretentious. You can really be who you are in Austin. Whoever that might be. Plus, did I mention I can bike to work?

And don’t worry about the main course, because it’s a fully paid residency through the unique split between a halftime position at a promotional merchandise company, Boundless Network, and the other half at the regional chamber. Which is outstanding, because let’s be honest, the average internship offered through SACC-USA is not mutually inclusive: if you don’t have a stipend or host company like Boundless, you’ll need to pay for everything yourself, count at least a 100 000 SEK per 6 months. Which is fair, but it really slims down the potential number of candidates. So here’s to Austin, not only for the rich and famous.

Hopefully, that worked up your appetite, because here’s the cherry on top for dessert: You also get to work at a real company. With real collogues. And with the CEO and founder of the company as your personal mentor. I mean come on? That’s what an internship is all about.

I feel Austin might get deselected in favor of more well-known American cities where SACC has a chapter such as Los Angeles, New York or even Miami, but there’s really no reason why. So if you think you can stomach it, here’ my push for the best city in America (Yes, Austin gets my vote too!). Your moment has arrived. Bon appetite!

Do you want to do an internship at SACC-Austin? Read more and apply at our trainee website here

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