SACC Texas full Fall Schedule 2017

Austin Chapter
August                                  Back to Work After Work
September                            Annual Crayfish Party
October                                 Networking and Speaker Event
4 November                          SACC Texas Golf Tournament Challenge, Houston 
December                             Annual Christmas Party
Dallas Chapter
17 August                               Networking and Speaker Event with Candy People 
7 September                          Networking and Speaker Event with Swedish Match                                               
23 September                        Annual Crayfish Party with SWEA
28 September                        SACC Dallas Executive Forum: Corporate Membership Event        
11 October                              Networking and Trivia Event
26 October                             Pea Soup, Pancake & Punsch. Joint Event with US FoC                                      
4 November                           SACC Texas Golf Tournament Challenge, Houston
November                              Networking and Speaker Event on Dallas Metroplex Long-term Infrastructure Plans                                      
13 December                         Annual Christmas Party
November or January -18  Annual Dallas Stars game including meet and  greet the Swedish players           
Houston Chapter
20 September                        The Nordic Chambers of Commerce Kick-Off Party, Honored Guests the Five Nordic Ambassadors                                                                      
28 September                        Pea Soup & Pancake Event, Cognac Testing
19 October                              Pea Soup & Pancake Event, Speaker IKEA
4 November                           SACC Texas Golf tournament Challenge, Houston
30 November                         Pea Soup & Pancake Event, Speaker Loomis
7 December                            Annual Christmas Party, Chef Søren Pedersen   

26 February                           Scandinavian Golf Tournament at Augusta Pines
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