Young Professionals in the Swedish American Business community

SACC Texas Houston YP

SACC Texas in Houston has been working with the young professional’s community and cooperating with the other European chambers young professionals groups for quite a while. This spring a push was made to start the development of SACC Texas own young professionals section for Houston. The first standalone event was held on April 8 this year and drew 10 young professionals.

The next step was to create a Facebook group that now has over 40 members. You can join this group on Facebook and the name of it is SACC TX Houston YP. We promote the section on the Facebook group like this: SACC Texas Houston Young Professionals (SACC TX Houston YP) is an interactive section of The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce Texas (SACC-TX) for young professionals with an interest in Swedish-American relations.

SACC TX Houston YP encourages its members to develop and strengthen social and professional relations with the already existing SACC Texas organization and with the Texas business community. We help arrange happy hours, networking events, and career development events geared towards young professionals in the Houston area.

What can SACC USA YP do to help us start and maintain a YP section?

SACC USA YP supports all the local chambers in their efforts to attract young professionals and the companies that these young professionals work for. We work closely with SACC USA and their trainee program. We can help connect young professionals when they relocate between states or even between USA and Sweden.

SACC USA YP supports the chambers with their cumulative experiences in building and maintaining young professionals sections. We can offer valuable feedback about events and programs that have been successful for other chambers in the past. The SACC USA YP provides insight into how young professionals in today’s interconnected world network and take part in various organizations.

We can provide the local section with a “start a local section package” which includes a designated Gmail address, an opportunity to market their local events on the website calendar and space on the to present their section and market it to prospective trainees and business professionals in the USA or Sweden. We can also help with national mentorship and career development.

If you have any questions contact:

Christopher Westerlund board member of SACC Texas and Special Director of SACC USA.  +1 713 499 9903

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